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Resume Writing Service Tells Whether It Is Acceptable To Send Your Resume Over Email

Resume Writing Service Tells About Sending Your Resume And CV Via EmailResume Writing Service is aware that headhunters and personnel departments get abreast of the advantages of rapid IT technology and communication facilities development. So, in the world, where more than 80% vacancies are posted in Internet, it became quite normal and even advisable to send your resume, CV and cover letter over email. The equal percentage of employers prefers to receive CVs by email, because such resumes can go directly into database. So it’s a must nowadays to have 2 types of resumes:

–    a formatted resume written in one of the text editors, which you send as an attachment to your email to the employer,

–    unformatted text-based e-resume, which you paste into the same email sent to the employer.

Resume Writing Service Give Tips On Resume Formats

Such drawbacks of formatted resumes as incompatibility of operating programs and changes in the primary document view are removed by unformatted text. So ResumeWritingService.biz advise you to secure yourself and always add text (ASCII) resume to your email.

The great vary of file formats give you options to choose, but always scrutinize vacancy’s description, whether the expected file format is mentioned.

The most common e-resume file formats, according to Resume Writing Service, are:


readable in all email systems and easy to be used in databases, but all formatting is stripped;

  • Rtf (Rich text)

is sent as attachments and is available in all computers with MS Word;

  • Pdf (Portable document)

saves only picture of your document: no editing option and unavailable to place in databases, but very pleasant appearance;

  • HTML (Hypertext markup language)

is used for web-based resumes

  • Scannable

non so popular nowadays, because is not as comfortable as email resumes.

In spite of popularity sent by email CVs, printed copy must be taken with to the interview as well as a list of references.

What concerns cover letters: their text can be included to the email at the top of the message. But in some cases companies ask to send them covering letter as a separate attachment or not to send them any cover letters at all. So Resume Writing Service advise to reread requirements once more before CV submitting! Also, in case you will require assistance with your Resume, CV or Cover Letter writing, you are more than welcome to place an order with us!

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