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Energy Infrastructure Intern Resume for an Internships in General Electric

The General Electric Company, or GE, is an American multinational conglomerate corporation incorporated in the State of New York. Our resume writing service informs that the Company operates through five segments: Energy Infrastructure, Technology Infrastructure, NBC Universal (NBCU), Capital Finance and Consumer & Industrial. In 2010, Forbes ranked GE as the world’s second largest company, based on a formula that compared the total sales, profits, assets, and market value of several multinational companies. Our GE intern resume experts pointing out that the company has 304,000 employees around the world and there are 3000 internship opportunities each year, $20 per hour, 40% of the interns can get full-time opportunities, of which 90% will accept. That is why you need to write the best general electric intern resume to get an internship place.

Besides a competitive salary, as valuable members of our team, interns may earn the same benefits available to full-time employees. These may include:

  • Accrued vacation time
  • Opportunities to network with managers and other interns at informational sessions, career fairs, social events, and recreational activities

In addition to the appropriate degree and major there are three additional qualifications you must meet to be considered for a GE internship:

  • You must be a full-time student enrolled in a four-year college or university
  • You must maintain a minimum of a 3.0 out of 4.0 overall grade point average; or for master’s students, a 3.2 out of 4.0 overall grade point average
  • You must be authorized to work in your country full-time and without restriction during your internship
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General Electric Intern Resume

Program internships are an important step in joining a leadership program later in your career that’s why GE offers different types of internship programs:

  • The Experienced Commercial Leadership Program (ECLP) prepares MBA graduates and experienced professionals for GE leadership roles in marketing and sales. The two-year rotational program offers opportunities for individuals to drive growth within a business, receive world-class commercial and leadership training, and be part of a global network of marketing and sales leaders.
  • Financial Management Program (FMP) is an intensive two-year entry-level program spanning four rotational assignments. These assignments may include financial planning, accounting, operations analysis, auditing, forecasting, treasury/cash management, or commercial finance. The program combines coursework, intensive job assignments and interactive seminars to equip you with exceptional technical, financial and business skills. The program is led by senior GE professionals and mentors and is committed to developing world-class financial leaders for exciting careers. FMP intern assignments, generally 10-12 weeks, provide the opportunity to experience the full-time program.
  • Human Resources Leadership Program (HRLP) consists of three, eight-month assignments within the human resources functions of a GE business, including the opportunity for cross-functional experience. Although each participant’s rotations are different over the two years, the standard curriculum and power of the HRLP network drive consistency across experiences. The program concentrates on leadership, HR, and business-focused training. Program participants benefit from an extensive peer network, exposure to senior leaders, cross-business projects and four global seminars. The program also has a compensation, benefits, and healthcare (CB&H) track for individuals with previous C&B experience.
  • The Information Management Leadership Program (IMLP) is a key entry point for information technology professionals in GE. This program is designed to attract high-potential candidates with a passion and aptitude for technology and to further develop their technical, leadership and business skills as they transition from academia to the working world.

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