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How to write your CV when you have lots of temporary jobs?

The man is unique if he/she finds himself in career at once, but average person changes different positions over the lifetime. That concerns the first 5 after-graduating years and especially is actual for students, whose first need is money regardless of the job prestige. The great quantity of work positions, each of them not more than 3 months, will definitely turn your CV writing into a mess.

So what do I have to do with my CV if I have lots of temp jobs? CV writing services advice:
• Find out the jobs in your work experience that are relevant to the position you’re applying to and include them into the list. If you have long gaps in your work history, temp jobs will be useful to fill such time periods.
• You can leave out that fact, that it was a temporary job.
• Short temp jobs can be grouped together, if your responsibilities were similar. You may highlight your position and main duties and then list the names of some of the companies you temped for after such words “Placements included:” or “Companies including:”. Such listing is known among professional CV writers as functional-style resume.
• List any accomplishments with positive results, anything you did that was above and beyond what was called for in your temp position, and any new skills that you had learned.
• If one of your temp jobs turned into regular, highlight this fact. It helps to avoid unpleasant impression of a fickle person.
• It’s highly valued, if you were doing professional temping, not just ordinary “answering the phone”
assignments, so range your experience accordingly.
• Try to use functional-style resume and avoid job-by-job enumerating.

Don’t forget, that the main aim of CV writing is to show the employer that you have required knowledge, abilities and skills, that’s why try to name only these temp positions, which are connected with your future job or meet the requirements. On the other hand, the greatest achievements even in unrelated fields shouldn’t be left out. For such positions special section, for instance, “Selected Assignments” can be made.

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