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How Do I Write about Volunteer Work on My CV?

Writing a CV and don’t know whether your previous experience in volunteer organization worth mentioning? Without hesitation – yes! No matter how much time passed since you’ve made first steps trying to improve our life working in a social non-profit service, as it means that you’ve already done something good and maybe more helpful for society than your professional activity can be. This experience will tell the employer about the person you are and positively differ your CV from other.
If you are a student or graduate seeking your first job, volunteer work demonstrates that you have other skills in addition to your academic knowledge. If you are returning to the work force after some time away, volunteer work illustrates that you have remained active and continued to develop your skills. If you want to change your present career, volunteer work done in the career field you would like to move into could prove invaluable in helping you make the change.

There are some tips about the ways of including volunteer work in your CV or cover letter to recruiter:
• If you’re applying to the job in social service industry, where work experience in society is rather
requirement, it’s better to add a section called Volunteer Work or Community Service. In other cases
it’s better to integrate this information in Work Experience clause.
• Then following the format of the paragraph, you’re writing in, add years, organization name, its
location, your position, main responsibilities and achievements, but try to make it impressive, you’ve
done not ordinary work!
• Add numbers and percents, provide your results with statistic information (for example, the percentage of homeless children decreased)
• Tell about the human qualities, you’ve developed in yourself, what you have learnt and new skills
you’ve acquired.
• If you have some comments and letters from participants they can efficiently fill extra space at the end
of your CV. Let potential employer see not just bare facts but the feelings of other people and your
real results.
Adding information about your volunteer work is a new step in professional CV writing and it can improve your resume even better than any CV writing service does.

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