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Follow Up Calls After Resume Submission – need one?

marina-resumewriting-sWritten by: Maryna Mazurenko
Is a follow up call really essential?
I say – yes, yes, yes!
Many people believe that it’s rude or immodest to follow up with a call after resume submission as if to remind the recruiters to start doing their job. But I and many other Recruiters disagree with it, first of all because our inboxes see many resumes every day and if somebody is following up with a call to remind of his/her resume – for us it means that they simply do care and want the job or value our Company. Also if the resume was submitted through a web site there are chances it wasn’t delivered. Though the same rule applies if the resume is sent via email.

There are times when a Recruiter opens a resume, thinks it’s good, then gets a call, opens another file needed for the call, then goes to a meeting, then HR Interview and simply forgets about the nice resume. Of course, it’s a question to doing the job in a thorough way, but it’s life with its pluses and minuses. Human factor. So if you follow up with a call, it’s good anyway.

Also I remember from my own practices how I was taking a glance at some resumes and closing them because thought that they were not a fit for the job. They simply were not adjusted to the job description and it was hard to evaluate whether those were the qualified professionals. Some people followed up with the call and were able to tell more about their qualifications and experience. It helped some of them to get the job.

Let’s take a close look at how this follow up conversation can be structured.

  • If you call after the resume submission, you may say your name and what position you applied to.
  • Remind when you sent your resume and what the subject of the email was.
  • Then you can say that you are really interested in the position and explain why.
  • Underline your qualifications that fit the description, emphasize your experienceand job related skills. If you mention your achievements, it’ll add you some extra points and will help the Recruiter to present/sell you to the client or Hiring Manager.
  • Don’t be afraid to make follow up calls. It’s always better to call after one-two business days, not more. I personally think that one business day is enough for IT roles, because positions’ staffing in IT is a dynamic and a fast process, so don’t miss your chance and give your resume a go.

My colleague, Kevin, works with bigger companies and accounts, and his clients (mostly FMCG, banks, retail) always need longer period to do a decision. A week is perfect term he says, while for my clients week of waiting will just cost you a job 🙂
If you feel some training on making follow up calls is needed, please go for our session now and our dedicated Recruiting Trainer (or, maybe, you want me to do that?) will turn with a call to set up day and time for the coaching.
Good luck amigos!

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