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Executive Level Job CV writing basics

The highest degree in CV writing is creating executive CV, which represents high-educated professional with wide experience field. Despite high position, CV writing standards shouldn’t be changed: firstly, resume should be clean and pleasant to be read, secondly, language should be lucid and simple without difficult constructions.

Information about paragraphs that should be included (personal data, education, work history, skills & personal qualities, references) seems to be excess because it is evident, that executive has gone through the stages of resume formatting during professional growing up. Let’s showcase the differences and features of this type of documents.

Reputation of your previous employers and companies, you’ve worked for, start playing important role. Such parameters as a size of company, its capital, foreign customers and membership in organizations reflect on your candidature. Therefore it’s better to give some information about the company, especially if it isn’t well-known in section work experience.

Emphasizing your role in company development must take first place in CV writing. Focus on describing results of your team and qualities, you showed in difficult situations. Try avoiding generalizing and talk about your division’s achievements, not the whole company’s. And try to be exact: give numbers and percents – that always impresses.

Section skills must be broadened and include professional details. Executes don’t have to mention knowing MS Office and basic programs, which are important for freshmen. Here can be mentioned participation in courses and conferences of narrow-applicable knowledge and your display of leadership in different situations.

One of the ways to draw employer’s attention is using buzzwords that are part of your prospective employer’s vernacular. That shows your professionalism in practice and creates an impression of speaking the same language.

Some words about your family, hobbies and social activity won’t be out of place. Family man has more chances in obtaining executive position, than single. In addition to this, this section makes your CV not so formal and tells a lot about the person you are.

Before CV submission reread your resume carefully – one typo in CV, applying to such high positions, destroys your chances completely!

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