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Difference between CV and Resume

Written by: Julia Freeman

When you search for a job you start distributing your CV. Or Not? Or Resume? You think “What’s the difference? It’s the same anyway.” But here you make a mistake. It turned out that resume and CV have some distinctions. And what they are we are going to find out now.

So CV – Curriculum Vitae – is used when you want to apply to some academic or research-oriented position.

And as you know we use resume to apply to any position we want.

So this is their root difference. So what about content?

As for a CV, it is longer than resume (more than two pages) and it has more detailed content about a personality. It should contain information about your education and research background, like your publications, presentations, honors, awards and etc. Also you should specify your academic experience. It should be a document about your professional and academic achievements.

So you will use your Curriculum Vitae to apply to some scientific or research organizations. As we know scientists like everything to be clear, detailed and precise.

And when we talk about resume, we don’t give such detailed information about our educational activity. We just specify the place of our studying and its term. That’s all. And also we tell about our working experience in this or that sphere.

So now you clearly see the difference between these two notions and can bravely apply to any position you want.

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