Browsing the web, you will come across a large array of free CV templates that could potentially meet your needs, but a template is only a small fraction of the entire writing process.

Want a CV that does not just use a standard template and wording to fill in the blanks? Want a CV that incorporates all of your needs and expectations? Want a CV written, edited and polished professionally?

All CV’s have a basic structure and headings that are usually included. You can use the following outline as a checklist to see if you have everything needed.

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A few tips on what to include in your CV:

When writing a CV, include the positions you are applying for and state the reasons why you are the most suitable candidate for it. A well written and thought out objective will entice the potential employer to read more. In any other case your CV might end up lying at the bottom of a stack of other rejected submissions or even in the garbage bin.


    Mention everything concerning your higher education (not elementary or high school!) university/college name and location, degrees, certificates, date of graduation, awards, etc.


      Mention only the skills relevant to the job position you are applying for.


    : task-oriented, results-driven, planning and organizing, self-aware, detailed, precise, team-working, cooperation, enthusiastic in finding new opportunities, creative, analytical skills, strategic, systematic.

Volunteer work, non-profit associations and other additional activities: Be brief but include all relevant details you think may increase your chances of getting noticed.
Keywords: reliable, determined, decisive, dependable, calm, adaptable, patient, positive outlook, energetic, understanding, self-sufficient, honest, good communication skills, leadership.

When writing your CV, do not forget to always use keywords related to the job position. They must fully reflect the context which you are planning to work in and must not seem out of place. Usually hiring managers, recruiters or employers do not have enough time to read through the entire resume and tend to scan through it, looking for meaningful bits that inform them of your potential. Always compare your CV with the job description and make sure that your document contains matching keywords. When writing a CV be sure to avoid using fancy words, phrases or casual language but oriented towards creating an image of yourself as the ideal candidate. Turn to Resume Writing Service to make the most out of your CV!

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