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CV examples of achievements

Have a long work history and graduated from highly-valued institution of higher education? Great! But are your skills and knowledge the reason of company’s growing? Are you an employee that optimizes profits of the institution, you’re working for? These are the questions, positive answers on which don’t make you waiting for a job offer even for a while. That’s why it is vitally important to highlight your “profitability” while you’re writing a CV.

First of all CV writing services advise CV writers to answer themselves on the next questions:

What have you done to…?

  • increase quality
  • increase efficiency
  • demonstrate you are a high performer
  • be proud of
  • satisfy your customer / clients
  • improve quality or service to reduce costs
  • increase your company profits / revenues

Have you…?

  • identified problems
  • received awards/decorations
  • instituted new procedures
  • decreased scrap
  • reduced inventory levels
  • installed new systems
  • trained/supervised others
  • increased safety
  • reduced absenteeism

What were the results?

  • What did this mean?
  • What could the company do now?
  • So what?
  • For what?
  • By how much?
  • How many?
  • Which ones?
  • Why were you chosen?

CV writing services also recommend following Situation-Task-Action-Result (STAR)-scheme in portraying your achievements. First of all describe a situation and highlight a problem you faced with by defining your task. Then say what you did and what results you achieved. The exact results of your actions show how efficient you can work and how advantageous your presence in company’s staff is. Start writing a STAR achievement with dates and don’t forget to add statistic numbers to the results – numbers always impress, emphasize your professionalism and serious attitude to work.

Here is one example of STAR-achievement:


I was responsible for creating new model of artificial mitral heart valve fastening.


I defined existing problems in valve fastening, developed new method in MatLab environment and worked out experimental partial progress in approbation new method in practice.


New method increased patients’ survival rate on 30% and decreased blood regurgitation on 25%. This methodology was specially mentioned in Word Congress of Cardiovascular Surgeons in 2003 and is applied in practice now.

Let professionals emphasize your best achievements in your outstanding CV!


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