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CV and cover letters for unadvertised positions or opportunities

It’s hard to believe, but more than half of all vacancies are filled without having been advertized. Some “job-hunters” found out that they are free much earlier, than job-sites surfers. When you’re sending your CV to unadvertised position, you’ve got advantage even over more experienced professionals, therefore it’s very important to ensure yourself a job in company of your dream before the vacancy appears in Internet. So just one question remains: how to find this advantageous information about new positions?

First of all you have to determine your area of work and find out the companies, which work in this field. Networking helps you through the power of search engines. The next stage is monitoring companies’ websites: try to visit them from time to time. Most of the vacancies are posted exactly there, not on jobsites. Some specialized journals also can open new chances. As usual scientific organizations are looking for interested in their own profession specialists. That’s why in professional editions you can find brief items about new vacancies. Another opportunity open staff agencies. Large companies prefer appeal directly to them wondering whether they have suitable candidates.

When you succeeded in finding unadvertised position, it’s a high time to write a perfect CV and covering letter. It should be professional CV writing and a cover letter, which impresses and remains in employer’s memory for a long time. It is very important to send your CV to the right person, so look for this information on company’s website or call them on. While writing a covering letter pay attention to these points:

  • first explain why you are wondering about new vacancies and tell where you found out information about the company
  • show your desire to work exactly in this company and highlight some details about company’s scope of activity and achievements, parallel them with your own work experience
  • tell some words about your skills and education in context of interested position
  • you can also inquire about training courses or positions for half pay. Frequently working on such positions later developed into full-fledged.

Writing a CV doesn’t need extra preparations, but be sure it meets requirements and doesn’t have content typos.

When everything is completed arm yourself with patience – it may take a lot of time before you receive respond, but being employed for unadvertised position can start your career in a company of your dream!

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