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Cover Letter / Follow Up Letter Samples

maryna_best_resume_writerWritten by: Maryna Mazurenko

The Samples, or How to Create My First Application Package (including resume, cover letter, follow up letter, etc).

Creating application package (even if it’s the first one in your life) isn’t hard, but requires dedication, input and efforts. To create a good one, you must be entirely involved and think about it along the way to make the necessary corrections, updates, etc.

The major part of the application package is given to the resume itself, then go references, portfolio or work samples and cover letter with thank you letter.

Cover letter is no less important than the resume. It is the first thing the interviewer learns about you. It’s like the presentation – the first look and the first impression. Usually I write the cover letter in such a form:

To whom it may concern,

Please kindly consider my resume for the position of… that is open within your Company at the moment. I believe my skills and qualification will be a benefit to the Company as I can offer … years of experience in the key skills required for this position:




[Name them].

I am looking forward to hearing from you soon and meeting you at the interview.


Maryna Mazurenko

It’s important not to say extra phrases with no actual message, so-to-say empty phrases as if trying to fill in the space. Let the empty space not bother you. Recruiters and Hiring Managers like short letters with maximum information they can use to present you to the interviewer.

Thank you letter is important too. Let the employer know you are still interested after the interview. Give the feeling you want this job and feel it is something you could be doing and doing successfully. Show you care!

Dear Mrs. or Mr. …,

It was indeed a pleasure for me to meet you at the interview and learn about the Company and the position I might be shortlisted for. I feel that my qualifications correspond to the job and that I would be interested and motivated in the position like yours.

Thank you for the time invested in me. I hope it will pay off on my end in future with the precise delivery and significant achievements.

Sincerely yours,

Maryna Mazurenko

Resume must maximum correspond with the job description. Insert the skills from the job requirements to your profile if they are the areas of your expertise. Highlight them in bold on a grey field. Let them be easily identified on your CV. Ease the recruiters’ job – fasten the process of your interview invite.

Make sure the hobby and soft skills together with the life motto respond to the requirements. Get a feeling of the job description and let your resume give the same atmosphere as the one of the job post. More information on the resume read in our previous articles.

Portfolio must contain no more than 4-5 examples of your works, so it’s not overloaded with information. Let those 4-5 works be your best samples – precise, professional and the ones that represent your talent and qualifications to the most. Have it in a separate folder in files.

References. Make sure the references you show seem big and it means that the words on a reference may be few, but they should sound official and significant. Let the references speak for you. Make sure there is no water in them, only statements and facts, maximum info.

If you don’t hear in a day or two from the Recruiter or Hiring Manager of the Company, give a call. Reassure your application package is delivered.

In the long run it doesn’t matter that much how exactly you compose that application package. If you have your own style – good! Just remember, all the information that is on your profile must be true and must be well known to you. Don’t try to put something that is not your nature or that you would like to have but don’t have. Let the resume be your word copy.

Good luck!

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