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Common Interview Questions

marina-resume-writingWritten by: Marina Mazurenko

Before going to an interview, it’s good to know what to expect, what questions you will be asked. In this post I will try to cover general HR interview questions.

My recruitment experience at different international companies tells me that HR questions are pretty much the same and though you can’t know ALL questions that will be asked, at least knowing half of them will help you to get prepared and partially overcome the anxiety.

No interview will go without you being asked why you are looking for a new job. With this question, employer can hear “I got fired” and will immediately redflag such a candidate on his list of job applicants.

When do you plan to start if you are given an offer? It is always important to think about possible dates of your availability. Usually the managers are interested to staff the position ASAP, but there are exceptions.

Be ready to speak about your salary expectations. The managers often ask not just your expectations for the future job, but your income at the previous place.

Your willingness to travel is often at question with many travel requiring jobs.

If you are applying to an international company, be ready to speak during an interview on the foreign language that you state in your CV you know.

Always think of your strength and weaknesses. Many people dislike this question, but you just gotta know the answer to it. Remember to present your weaknesses as your strength. Don’t know how? Ask us.

Managers always ask about your career goals for the coming 3-5 years. Develop a life plan for yourself and keep to it. It’s a road to success.

Together with the previous question, follows the one about what areas you would like to develop in future.

Your best skills – also a point to discussion. Often you will be asked to grade your knowledge of those skills on scale from 1 to 10 or from 1 to 5.

To find out if you like your job, you will be asked to describe what you like about your job. If you speak with sparks in your eyes – you got it!

A company that cares about its employees will want to know your dream. They just will be asking you that because for them it’s important to see first if your dreams are material or of spiritual kind and then if those dreams will be possible to realize while you work with them.

These are the main questions that form interview skillet. Hope you get prepared nicely and get through to the job of your dream.

Good luck!

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