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Can you get into trouble for faking your grades on your CV?

“Everybody lies” – is the famous quote of well-known diagnostician. Corresponding to his belief, most of the CVs have to include untruth information, in this case you can ask “why should I differ from others”.

The Society of Human Resource Management presents the fact that 53% of all job applicants lie to some extent in their resumes. That really impresses, because writing such a crucial document needs all the responsibility to be involved. Writing a successful CV can change your life radically, but that doesn’t mean that you have a right to tell lies, someday every deception will be disposed.

The common directions of CV-faking are:

  • Degrees and skills

If you are telling about diploma you have, but doesn’t really possess one it’s half the trouble, if you have practice knowledge, which meets your position. But when you’re declaring the list of computer programs you deal with and on practice your knowledge is limited by MS Office – that is the real trouble! Almost for all professions practical experience worth much more, than the higher education certificate, so never try to deceive about your education and skills – that can be easily verified.

  • Job titles

Some employees try to improve their previous work history by ‘promoting’ themselves and giving false job titles. That shouldn’t be done in any case, because this information most probably will be inspected by your new employer.

  • Dates of employment

Some job-seekers are worrying about the gaps in their work list. That shouldn’t be done, because it’s normal to be out of business. It’s much more important to have current desire to work.

  • Criminal record

For some positions, for example working in casino, it is essential not to have such a record. Faking with this is losing your job automatically and unpleasant impression for a long time.

Some employees are sure, that their fibs in CVs will be pointed out when they have enough experience to prove their suitability or never found out at all. They are all mistaken. Great development of networking made it possible to connect with all universities, institutions and companies you’ve mentioned and to receive confirmation of your words in some minutes. Some recruitment companies even use social websites to prove doubtful information.

So the next time you will write your CV be sure you remain being honest and never forget: the higher you go the harder you fall!

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