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Boss has it in for me, but I need a work reference!

marina-resumewriting-sWritten by: Maryna Mazurenko

Boss has it in for me, but I need a work reference!

Indeed there are situations that suddenly the Manager you work with or your boss starts having something in for you. Let’s look at how better handle this situation, since your future depends on the opinions of these people about you.

My first advice to you would be – analyze your work and results as well as the process. Look at the things you think you might be doing wrong. If there is nothing you see that must be improved, then watch the situations when and why your management’s replying sharply to you.

If there are people whose opinion you respect or who are your friends at work, then talk to them on what they think might be the problem. Ask them for some advice and try to do your best to improve significantly to see if the managers’ attitude changes.

If nothing helps and you are sure you are doing your job at your best, take courage and go talk to the management directly. Describe carefully what your concerns are and watch the reaction as well as listen to the Manager’s answer. If there are things that really bother your boss, then take the challenge, improve, and get better! Don’t give an opportunity to exceed your input and results. You never know where it might serve you. Maybe this experience will change you forever and it’ll become your best working place ever!

On the other hand when you talk openly about it to your Manager, maybe he’ll just laugh and say that he’s totally happy with your work, but he’s having difficult time with his, or maybe personal matters don’t go that smoothly and so it’s definitely not about you that he’s unhappy about!

Don’t let your prejudices take over, maybe they are just pure prejudices after all.

Kevin Adams, our Premium Resume Writer adds:

Sadly, sometimes the reason is above something the employee can ever do. You are as open as you can, you ask your manager what is really going on, and in return he shortly says all is ok and you better get back to your job. And after that you still see all is NOT THAT MUCH OK. It happens. There is not much what can be done this case.

You have to go over your boss' head and talk to his or her manager, if it is possible and you estimate your chances to be heard as high enough. In such situations you always risk to lose your job, so keep that in mind and use this move ONLY if you are really ready for any kind of changes.

If it's small business - and you are probably working for the owner - it is maybe good time to start thinking on changing your job.

If the Company you work for is big enough, be sure the corporate culture, risks of being sued and your manager's manager rational sense will play their roles and everything will if not change for perfect but at least will go from personal level to business relationships one.

Be rational and brave! Maryna, thanks for perfect post!

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