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Tips To Lead a Successful Administrative Assistant Career

  • Get familiar with your team-mates- The first and foremost thing required to work as a team is mutual understanding. Plan a sitting with each member of your team and use them time to introduce yourself to them, and to learn more about personalities and their positions as team members. Try to get some information about how they work, their way of handling different tasks and common preferences in the company affairs, like answering emails, messages and telephone calls etc.
  • Learn more about your team, your company and your field- It is very important for an administrative assistant to gain core information about the company, like its mission statement, its clients and the services it offers. Acquire necessary information using the data provided on company website, newsletters and other relevant material. Accustom yourself to the rules and regulations; ask questions about different matters to have more knowledge.
  • Set your goals- Now that you are done with extracting the necessary information, it’s time to formulate your strategy for the next year. Use the details to figure out a plan. You should focus on building a strong relationship with your company, learning new techniques and providing strong administrative support to your company.
  • Arrange your workspace- You should now concentrate on setting up your space in such a way that it is comfortable for you. Make a regular practice of writing temp notes. These will help your temp to manage your desk during your absence from the office. As an executive administrative assistant, it’s your duty to inform your managers about the locations of important files and documents, in order to maintain a responsible working environment.
  • Practice manners daily- Give respect to everyone you meet, regardless of their title. Respecting others will earn you your own respect.
  • Expand your network inside- Build a friendly relationship with every employ of your company. You never know when you could need someone’s help, or when you could help them. Try and meet every administrative assistant. This will enhance your knowledge and experience in the field.
  • Expand your network outside- Meet new people related or not related to your field. Other than building professional links, socialization can help your personal relationships too.
  • Improve your wardrobe- Enhance your wardrobe over the course of your career. Follow a dress code, which makes you feel confident about yourself and gives an overall professional yet attractive impression as an administrative assistant.
  • Take benefits from your company- Take advantage from the assets your company has offered you. Get regular medical checkups, exercise daily using company’s discount on a local gym or use your company’s tuition reimbursement plan to complete your education. There’s a lot you can benefit from.
  • Educate yourself- The process of learning is never-ending. Add to your knowledge and skills by pursuing further education. This will not only increase your knowledge, but will also have a positive impact on your administrative career. Cheers!