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The Best Resume Writing Service In Dublin, Ireland

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How Hard Is It to Get a Job in Ireland?

According to statistics for Ireland the unemployment rate in the country is continuing to fall as more and more jobs become available on the market. Currently unemployment is at just 6% which is lowest that it has been for a long time but still much higher than the UK and the US. But as The Irish Times reports Ireland is also seen as one of the hardest countries in which to get a job.

So your resume Dublin has a lot of work to do if you are going to make the right impression with your application. It must be able to quickly and effectively show the recruiter that you are the perfect recruit to fill the position they have advertised. It must be able to do that in just a very quick review as few recruiters will spend more than just a few seconds looking through your application. Our resume writing service in Ireland however fully understands how your application should be crafted if you are to be successful.

How to Write an Effective Resume for Ireland

An effective resume will always start with getting the right Ireland resume format. How you present yourself on the paper will have a huge impact, often as much as what you have to say. If you fail to get the right information in the right place on the page and to get the recruiter to look directly at it then you may be overlooked even if you have everything that the recruiter wants to see.

Your Ireland resume format should therefore be:

  • Clear and easy to read
  • Use wide margins all of the way around your page
  • Use an easy to read 12pt font for your text
  • Leave blank space prior to every section to draw the eye of the reader there
  • Limit your text formatting as it can confuse anyone scanning through
  • Use traditional titles for the headings of each section


When writing your resume Dublin you need to consider all of the following:

  • Don’t simply submit the same resume to every job. Always tailor your resume to match exactly what they are looking for:
  • Review the advert for the job to carefully identify all of the skills, qualifications, and experience that they will be expecting to see.
  • Match your abilities to the list that you have created.
  • Put the most important of the requirements that they have at the start of each relevant section so that they are seen first.
  • Don’t clutter sections with information that is not called for or specifically required for the post.
  • Use the keywords that they have used within the job advert, this is especially relevant for skills and job descriptions so that your CV will get through any automated checks.
  • Show your skills using examples don’t make claims without substantiating those claims.
  • Quantify the achievements that you have made to impress your value to the recruiter
  • Use action words to show who you are such as “achieved” and “managed”.
  • Use concise sentences and bullet points to be able to clearly communicate as much information as possible quickly.
  • Make sure that your contact information is correct and don’t use inappropriate email addresses if you wish to give a professional view of yourself.
  • Always proofread your resume with great care as you need to make the best possible first impression.

Remember this Gem from Macalester college however which highlights the need to always tailor your CV to the application if you are to get the interview:

What an employer is most interested should guide decisions on structure, format, and composition.

Resume Writing Service in Dublin

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