Not everyone believes that objective statements on our resume are still relevant; they argue that they’re outdated, boring and that no hiring manager wants to read them. But if you’re applying for a position in engineering, your engineering objective statement is important. In fact, it’s pretty much essential.

The point of an engineering resume objective statement is to clarify your career goals, show your knowledge, and demonstrate that you are the right candidate for the job. If written well, your engineering objective statement can be incredibly effective, and it could be the difference between you landing a job interview and your resume heading straight for the “no” pile.

Keep your engineering objective statement short

It might be easy to assume that hiring managers will be impressed by a vast objective statement that is full of lofty ideals and grand ideas. You might – wrongly – believe that by writing at length, you’re selling yourself because you’re showing off your skills and experience, and you’re doing it in a very grand way.

But you’d be wrong. Hiring managers do not want to read a HUGE objective statement that goes on forever. If it looks like it’s going to take up a lot of their time, they’re going to pass.

Instead, your mechanical engineering resume objective statement should be the bait they’re looking for. It should reel them in by being short, snappy and to the point. It should tease them with bits and pieces about yourself that makes them want to read on. Rather than revealing everything about yourself immediately in one huge paragraph, you should instead give them little bits about yourself.

Make sure it sets the tone

Your engineering resume objective statement will be the first thing that hiring managers see, and for this reason it absolutely has to set the tone for the rest of your resume. Remember the adage that first impressions are important. If you get off on the wrong foot with your objective statement, you’ll be sealing your fate and the hiring manager will not continue reading.

In this sense, your engineering objective statement acts as a weapon. It’s your chance to grab the hiring managers attention and show them you’re the one for them. By giving them something they want to read, you’re taking control of the situation and convincing them to read on.

Without an objective statement, the next best thing to set the tone is your education. And if your education is not brilliant, it’s going to be a damp squib.

Stick to a structure

Key to writing an effective resume for engineering is coining a structure or template that gives it direction and cuts out any rambling. For example, you could begin by introducing yourself and what you do, before talking about the role you are applying for. Next, you could write a sentence that details your relevant skills and knowledge before setting out what you will bring to the company.

The structure is simple, to the point, and ultimately means that you won’t end up writing too much.

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