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How to write a LinkedIn profileIf you need LinkedIn profile template to complete your LinkedIn profile development as a LinkedIn writer in the resume writing service, this has LinkedIn sample profiles. You will find tips for sample LinkedIn profile with LinkedIn profile template in this blog. Here are ways on how to create a LinkedIn sample profileto attract employers with outstanding LinkedIn profile samples.

Tips on How to Make Effective Sample LinkedIn Profiles

    1. Create a summary for your Linked profile sample. Effective LinkedIn sample profiles should contain a photo and a description pertaining to your field of expertise. Here is how a LinkedIn profile sample should look at a glance.

      Your Name

      Work Designation


      Current Employer

      Previous Employer

      Education/Most Recent School You Attended

    2. LinkedIn profile samples summary should contain your skills, expertise, languages spoken or any relevant certification that you can add to your sample LinkedIn profile. Here is an example of LinkedIn profile summary.

      “I am an expert in… with (insert number) years of experience. I am currently with (employer) as a (designation). My job includes (brief job description). I have received certification from (name of issuing organization) so you are assured that I have the training and the skills for the position. I speak fluent (insert languages) so I can deal with any clients coming from different countries.”

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  1. Include any volunteer work in LinkedIn sample profile so you have an edge against other LinkedIn profile samples. Add sample LinkedIn profiles with the causes that you support. You can include in your LinkedIn profile sample that you support causes on Human Rights and others through legitimate organizations.
  2. Include additional information in LinkedIn profile sample. Links to your current company, blog, website and social media accounts can be additions to your LinkedIn profile sample.
  3. A good example of LinkedIn profile has a recommendation. Here is what you can add in the sample LinkedIn profile.

“(Your Name) is one of the most sought after employees specializing in (field of expertise). As his boss, I closely worked with him so I know that he can be a good asset to any company.”

Sample LinkedIn profiles are online resumes that will help you land a job so your LinkedIn profile sample should always be up to date. Use the example of LinkedIn profile mentioned in this post so you can start yours. You can use a LinkedIn profile template to complete your LinkedIn sample profile.