Tips From Resume Writing Service for Career ChangersChanging your job is always a very stressing period for every employee, but if you’re changing your industry additionally to occupation, it’s doubly more stressing and exhausting! Decision of career change is taken after thoughtful consideration, thus preparation and all the steps of employment process should be taken with the same serious attitude. First of all, you should write a resume that will be relevant to the position you’re applying for, but how can a job-seeker tell about experience, achievements and skills in the targeting industry, if he had never worked in it before? Moreover, career changer ought to stand out from other candidates to get the job, so how to write an impressive resume for him? Professional resume writers from Resume Writing Service are eager to help every career changer to create outstanding resume that can make you competitive even among those candidates, who have rich experience in your new field. That’s why Resume Writing Service shares experience in resume writing and hopes that with our tips this new career pass will bring only delight to you:

Resume Writing Service Advises the Best Resume Format for Career Changers

Forget about chronological resume format, the best variant for career changer is functional resume writing! Create separate functional sections and put on them your skills that meet appropriate criteria: in such a way your qualification summary will tell employer that you are capable for this job. Usual listing of working experience won’t impress recruiter, because he won’t find any similar or relevant position in it.

Resume Writing Service Emphasizes Importance of Transferable Skills for Career Changers

Writing your resume, emphasize your transferable skills using active verbs and impressive adjectives. Resume Writing Service defines transferable skills as those that can be applied in almost every scope of human activity, such as managerial skills, which don’t depend on staff and industry you’re working.

Resume Writing Service Strongly Recommends Career Changers Sincere Cover Letter Writing

Always accompany your resume with a cover letter. And when writing a cover letter keep in mind that employers greatly appreciate those job-seekers, who are eager to work, who are interested in implementing new ideas and broadening personal horizons. Resume Writing Service advises to put emphasis on your desire to work and interest in exact company in your cover letter. Be brief, but sincere: positive attitude and personal attention to the company will be your aces on the way to successful employment!


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