Photo in a Resume - Tips from Resume Writing ServiceResume Writing Service Advises to Consider Employer’s Preferences

Resume writers usually have a lot of doubts when they face with such problem as inserting a photo into a resume. Resume Writing Service advises you to include a photo only in case that this fact is mentioned in application requirements. In other cases, it’s better to be neutral and stand out against other candidates only for professional achievements and skills.

When you add a photo to your resume writing, you can be sure that the recruiter will judge about your appearance anyway. Despite the position, you’re applying for and your impressing work experience, nothing can help making some conclusions from the way you look. Your race, gender and age can be easily determined after one glance at your photo, though discrimination on these factors is illegal. But when you just grant this information, why should employer not to take it into account? We are all human beings and making judgments is an essential part of our nature.

Resume Writing Service Defines Photo Requirements

Another question, which may occur, when you’re asked to attach a photo, is how this photo should look like. Resume writers and former recruiters from Resume Writing Service are confident that you can use your passport photo or any other one that was made for official documents. Plain light background and serious look is what HR-managers are looking for. Resume writer’s great sin is attaching a cut out photo from some social occasion or inserting portray photo with bright make-up. Such sort of pictures will be definitely pointed out, but not in advantageous for you way. Even if you have a Hollywood smile, abstain from including a smiling photo to your resume: you’ll have an opportunity to demonstrate it during the interview.

Resume Writing Service Recommendations

To draw a conclusion, Resume Writing Service strongly recommends you to avoid photo inclusion to your resume if you don’t want to become a victim of recruiter’s prejudices, and add a simple formal photo to your resume, if it’s required and always pay attention to the resume contents in the first place.

But keep in mind that during the interview this rule won’t be same as there your self-performance will play the same role as the things you’ll be talking about.

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