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On efficiency of your professional level resume depends success of your employment. Make sure that your professional appearance meets the high standards! Let professional resume writers review your current CV and give you a piece of advice on its further improvement.  Here is a sample of a resume critique you may receive from Resume Writing Service professional:

 I’ve reviewed your resume and have some ideas and suggestions that I think will help make your resume more effective.

Please don’t take anything I might say about your resume personally. Just remember that I’m critiquing words on a piece of paper, not you or your skills. It’s my intention to find ways on how to turn those words into a document that showcases your skills, abilities, and talents so that you can land the position you want.

So, here it goes:

  • The resume contains all the important information and it seems that you have a marketable experience and background but your resume needs attention in the areas of format, focus, structure, and presentation in order to present your experiences effectively.
  • In your work experience section, you’ve listed everything with bullets. I suggest revising the format with a paragraph describing your responsibilities, and ending with a bulleted list of quantified accomplishments. Quantified accomplishments are very important in a resume and they need to be showcased.

To give you an overview on how your resume will be further improved, here are just a few of my improvement plans:

  • Edit, reorganize, and reformat the whole content. You may want your resume to look conservative yet using varying font sizes can aid to make your resume look more alive and inviting to read.
  • Put emphasis in the coherence and organization of the executive summary by fusing together and rewriting the information found under executive profile, objective, and highlights from the professional experience section.
  • The professional section will also be improved through editing and rewriting of each responsibility per work history and to add an achievements section for each job to highlight your accomplishments.

Don’t leave your resume as it is! You have to be certain that it stands out! Let Resume Writing Service help you – just send us a resume critique request!