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Transport Facility Supervisor Resume Sample

The candidate can be a nice addition to any factory/manufacturing company’s labor force. Since he has work experience as a bus driver, he can assist in supervising transport facilities of manufacturing or production companies, where finished goods are delivered with the help of own transportation. He can supervise the packaging/loading/unloading tasks as well.

Also, being ex-military personnel, he can use his experience and work in security services as well. He can join as a security officer, or can lead a team of security officers. As he knows Finnish and Swedish, he should probably try to join Scandinavian Embassies (if outside those countries) as a security officer.

Strength of the resume: Dynamic work experience, well-described job responsibilities.

Weakness: The transportation supervisor resume should contain the candidate’s name and contact information, and academic information as well. The resume seems like an incomplete one like it is the second page of a resume and the first page is missing.

Employers that may be interested:

  • Manufacturing Companies
  • Transport Companies
  • Security Service Companies

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