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Strategic Planning Manager Resume Sample

As to presentation of the resume, it needs a bit of improvement.  It is always better to keep the review short yet comprehensive.  After going over the entire strategic planner resume, I was able to come up with the conclusion that Charles’ does not need the introduction part of the resume to market himself to companies.  Providing his work experience would be enough to showcase his skills and qualifications.

What he has to make sure though is that his name should be found on all the pages of his resume strategic planning.  His document only shows his name on the 2nd page but none was found on the 1st page.

From his work experience, his expertise is in the field of planning, marketing and business operations in the entertainment industry.  And he is the best suited to be in the management level.

Employers That May Be Interested:

  • Entertainment Studios (e.g. Sony, Universal Studios)
  • Multinational Companies that he has had previous relations with (e.g. Coca-Cola)
  • Marketing Companies
  • Advertising Companies

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List of Strong Weak Points in Your Strategic Planning Manager Resume

When you begin to work on strategic planning manager resume, make sure that all the strong points, as well as weak traits, are all set to be discussed.

Here are some examples of weaknesses you can add to the resume:

  • No familiarity with the recent tools or software;
  • Attempt to please every individual;
  • Lack of teamwork skills.

The strong points that can be included in the resume are being discussed here:

  • Disaster management skills;
  • Interacting with the individuals;
  • Determination and putting extra working hours.

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