Weak Point:

  • Limited work experience in Software development

Strong Points:

  • Excellent academic standing. Graduated  Cum Laude in college with Masters in Computer Science
  • Proven to have successfully completed and implemented applicable projects
  • Relevant experience in programming with knowledge in various software language


  • Re-word the objective ex. To secure a position ….
  • Align the text so that it looks clean along both sides
  • Limit the resume to one page only


The candidate is a Cum Laude graduate of with Master's in Computer Science. She has relevant work experience as Network Administrator.

The sample is applicable as:

  • Programmer Resume
  • Systems Analyst Resume
  • IT Professional Resume
  • Systems Developer Resume
  • Computer Programming Resume
  • Software Developer Resume
  • Computer Systems Analyst Resume
  • IT Business Analyst Resume
  • Software QA Analyst Resume
  • Information Resource Management Analyst Resume
  • IT Business Analyst Resume
  • Systems Analyst Resume
  • Software Developer Resume