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Nurse Resume Sample

Weak Points:

  • Noted gaps in work experience.
  • Specialty or specialization was not indicated.

Strong Points:

  • Good educational background with Master’s degree in Nursing.
  • Has relevant work experience in healthcare services


  • Include career objective as the first section of the resume.
  • Use uniform font, format align to the left
  • Include training programs attended at the last section of the CV
  • May ask for the help of nurse resume writing services for resume optimization

Employers that may be interested:

  • Camp Nurse/Clinical Nurse/Specialty Nurse- Global Health Care Group
  • Nurse – Intermedistaff
  • American Registered Nurse – HCL International
  • Registered Nurse –   Nautic Crew International, Inc
  • Nurse – All About Staffing
  • Nursing Supervisor – RT Informatics


The candidate is a certified and licensed nurse with more than ten years relevant experience in the field of healthcare services. In this case, turning to nurse resume services is not essential, but rather recommended to eliminate all the weak points mentioned above.

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