The sample is applicable as:

  • Middle School Music Teacher professional resume
  • Music Instructor professional resume
  • Music Teacher professional resume
  • Voice Teacher professional resume

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Recruiter's comment:

Weak Points:

  • Complete the abbreviation ISD.

Strong Points:

  • Professional looking resume.
  • Relevant education background and work experience.
  • Has leadership experience in volunteer works.


  • Include dates and type of membership in the Professional Affiliations
  • Work experience should be ahead of education background in the resume for music teacher
  • Add career objective as the first section of the resume
  • Include summary of qualifications as the second section of the resume

Employers that may be interested:

  • Music Teacher – Success Charter Network
  • Music Teacher – The Gerstell Academy
  • Music Teacher – Bright Horizons
  • Music Teacher – Swift School
  • Voice Teacher – The Music Teachers Network
  • Music Theory Tutor – Wyzant

The candidate has more than ten years relevant teaching experience in the field of music. He/she has actively participated in various volunteer works which developed his/her leadership skills.
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Hi, I really liked both the cover and thank you letter. I would like to keep both ast and sales experience in cover letter. I think resume looks great.Also I would like to thank you for all your help. My resume is just way i wanted to be. Simple and to the point.


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