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Medical Representative Resume Sample

Resume Expert says:

I know from my experience that a Medical Representative markets a technologically sophisticated product to well educated physicians. If you’re an applicant, do submit a resume indicating your degree. Don’t make any gaps in employment look obvious as it can be viewed as negatives by employers. Do note if you have any foreign-language skills. Hype-up your resume with lots of good keywords and highlights of sales accomplishments. For applicants with no sales experience, those with a background in healthcare or clinical work may have an advantage. Plus, don’t forget to highlight your willingness and aptitude for learning new things quickly.

Recruiter’s comment:

Weak Points:

  • Career objective not indicated
  • No relevant work experience in the field of Biology
  • Education, Internship etc. are all written with caps. Font size too big

Strong Points:

  • Above average education background
  • Active participation in campus and community activities with leadership position


  • Add career objective at the top to determine position applying
  • Reduce the size of Education, Internship etc. and should not be written in all caps.
  • Aligned the References to the left to be consistent with the rest of the text.

The sample is applicable as:

  • Research Assistant professional resume
  • Medical Staff professional resume
  • Medical Representative professional resume
  • Trainee, Clinical Microbiologist professional resume
  • Biology Teacher professional resume
  • Medical Assistant professional resume
  • Staff Biologist professional resume

Employers that may be interested:

  • Field Research Assistant – Monsanto
  • Biology Teacher – NYC Teaching Fellows program
  • Medical Science Liaison – Johnson & Johnson
  • Staff Biologist – Merck
  • Project Biologist Job – URS


The candidate is a graduate of Bachelor of Arts in Biology. She finished her internship at Wilson Hospital under Rehabilitation Section. She has actively participated in campus and community organizations.

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