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Media Relations Officer Resume Sample

Being dynamic personnel from the Marketing field, this candidate can be an asset to organizations who need someone who understands Marketing from the management level, and can communicate with the media about the managerial perspectives.

Having enriched work experience in marketing and media, the candidate is great for managing corporate affairs and media relations. As he has worked as a marketing manager for media organizations as well, he knows the best about dealing with media.

Also, with his level of experience, he can work as a marketing consultant for organizations which are just starting their business. He can guide the whole marketing team, as well as create marketing plan for them.

Strength of the resume: Strong level of work experience, resume consists of nriched job descriptions and responsibilities; focused into his niche.

Weakness: The resume has too much information for one page. If the job responsibilities could be presented in a brief way, it would have been quite nice.

Employers that may be interested:

  • Corporate Business Organizations
  • Marketing Consultancy Companies
  • Media Houses

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