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Legal Affairs Officer Resume Sample

The candidate can be a great addition to positions where someone with legal experience is required. Since he has a mixed level of education, biology as graduate program and law in doctorate program, he can be an asset to medical institutions where they can hire the candidate as their in house legal affair officer.

Also, as the candidate has work experience in the field of legal counseling for families and children, he can be appointed as a marriage/divorce counseling officer, where he can apply both his experience of legal and family affairs. He can use the same experience in the immigration officer, consulting the French immigrants who are looking for permanent residence permission by marrying Native Americans.

The strong part of the resume is that the working experience list is highly enriched, and pointed with important responsibilities he has taken so far. However, a weakness is that the information is not focused towards any specific objective; they seem rather assorted randomly.

Employers that may be interested:

  • Lawyer Firm
  • Legal Counseling Center
  • Law School
  • Corporate Houses

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