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Interpreter Resume Sample

Recruiter’s comment:

Weak Points:

  • Has no career objective
  • Has employment gaps
  • Limited work experience as translator and business manager

Strong Points:

  • Notable awards for exemplary performance
  • Active extra- curricular activities with leadership position
  • Excellent academic standing
  • Current CV looks professionally made


  • Include career objective as the first section
  • Use Qualifications, instead of Profile
  • Include training programs attended at the last section of the CV

The sample is applicable as:

  • Interpreter professional resume
  • Translator professional resume
  • Multilingual Translator professional resume
  • Spanish Translator professional resume
  • Business Translator professional resume
  • Foreign Language Translator professional resume
  • Professional Linguist professional resume
  • Freelance Translator professional resume
  • Customer Service Translator professional resume
  • Language Specialist professional resume

Employers that may be interested:

  • Customer Service Translator- Down to the Smallest Detail Inc. – Houston, TX
  • Translator – Syracuse, NY
  • Translator – The MSXF Firm – Miami, FL
  • Entry Level Translation Analyst – Cerner Corporation
  • Executive Assistant – Intelifuel CIA LTDA


The candidate is a professional business translator with notable awards received for exemplary performance. She has excellent academic performance with leadership position in student organizations.

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