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First Officer Resume Sample

Weak Points:

  • Qualifications should be described in words like completed Two Thousand Seven Hundred hours flight time, instead of stating 2,700 total time.
  • Job description should be indicated in the work experience.
  • Qualifications and Pilot credential content almost similar, looks redundant.

Strong Points:

  • The candidate has relevant education and work experience.
  • Has proven track records in flying aircrafts.


  • Indicate the destinations or the routes for every flight they took in the job description.
  • Include the day to day tasks in the work experience
  • Add another section for Training programs attended
  • Add personal qualities required for pilots like excellent problem solving and decision making skills, excellent customer service, ability to speak another language.
  • Merge Qualification and Pilot Credential into one section and name it Qualifications and Pilot Credential or just Qualifications.

Employers that may be interested:

  • First Officer – Rishworth aviation
  • Flight Instructor- Pilot Training College
  • First Officer – Korean Air (Commuting Worldwide)
  • First Officer – Hong Kong Airlines Limited
  • First Officer – Flydubai


The candidate is a well experienced pilot with more than seven years as First Officer and three years as Flight Instructor. He has successfully proven record in flying aircrafts with almost three thousand total flight time.

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