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Many of us find it difficult to write about our own abilities, skills, and achievements. My goal is to identify those qualities in you and bring them to the forefront of a resume that will get you noticed by a hiring manager or pass the Applicant Tracking System (ATS). My background in Human Resources is valuable in writing clear, detailed resumes that will make you stand out. Together, we will create your story in words while highlighting your best abilities.

Hi, I really liked both the cover and thank you letter. I would like to keep both ast and sales experience in cover letter. I think resume looks great.Also I would like to thank you for all your help. My resume is just way i wanted to be. Simple and to the point.

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The sample is applicable as:

  • Electrical Engineer Resume
  • Marine Electrical Technician Resume
  • Electrical Technician Resume
  • Master Electrician Resume
  • Maintenance Electrician Resume
  • Maintenance Technician Resume
  • Journeyman Maintenance Technician Resume
  • Journeyman Maintenance Electrician Resume
  • Electronic Technician Resume

Recruiter's comment:

The example above is an example of a standard resume template that can be used to apply to most job vacancies. The above applicant’s entry-level electrician resume shows how he expanded his career gradually, working through entry-level jobs to a master electrician designation. However, the resume can look much better! Keep in mind this template is available for editing by our professional resume writers who have experience writing resumes for an electrician and other engineering jobs. We can assist you in meeting all employer expectations!

Working as an Electrician or Electrical Engineer:

The working conditions that electricians usually encounter can be highly strenuous and harmful to health. Electricians are prone to experience risky situations that may lead to personal injury from electrical shock, cuts, falls and magnetic radiation. All these aspects allow an electrician to ask for additional financial rewards in the resumes electrician submits. It may also involve working in a variety of confined environments that can be dusty, wet, hot or cold. The job may also involve traveling long distances to a specific site, possibly up to 150 miles away and work a 40-hour workweek with additional overtime hours which should be mentioned in the resume for electrical technician.

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