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Electrical Engineering Apprentice Resume Sample

The electrician apprentice resume is supposed to be simple and concise.  This is an example of an excellent resume presentation.  All the important information needed by the recruiter is found on the document.

Another good point in Will’s resume is that he gave emphasis to his skills.  This is very important especially since he has yet to complete his degree yet.

Will has the skills to handle both software and hardware issues.  This will give him an edge over other applicants.  His short internship with Big Electrical Inc. had provided him a good training ground that can lend him a job in the semiconductor industry doing technical works.  His sales experience will also give him additional opportunity doing selling functions.

I have limited comment for this resume because I am impressed by the presentation and content.

Employers that may be interested:

  • Companies specializing in the field of IT
  • Semiconductor Companies (e.g. Teradyne Inc.)
  • Electric Power Companies
  • Auto Maker Companies

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