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Creative Director Resume Sample

Having a creative background of work experience, this candidate can be a perfect match to the positions which require personnel with creativity, along with knowledge of arts and media. The candidate has a good background on his niche. Having good organizational skills complemented by creativity can be a great combination to use for event management works. The candidate can manage/design events such as art exhibitions, product launching, media events, etc. Also, having an academic background on fine arts can also get him into instructors’ position in many institutes where they teach fine arts to students. Furthermore, without any less significance, the candidate can work as director/assistant director in film and media productions, such as TV commercials, theater events, and movies as well.

Strength of the resume:detailed description of work experiences, presence of academic background which is in the same field of work experiences.

Weakness: the resume is not professionally organized; i.e. no chronological order of work experiences, lack of objective

Employers that may be interested:

  • Event Management Firm
  • Film and Media Houses
  • Art Galleries
  • Institutions for Fine Arts

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