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CPA (Certified Public Accountant) Resume Sample

The sample is applicable as:

  • CPA professional resume
  • Taxation professional resume
  • Accounting professional resume
  • Finance professional resume
  • Payroll professional resume
  • Staff Training Professional resume
  • Accounting/Payroll Systems professional resume
  • Financial Statements/Reports professional resume
  • Bookkeeping professional resume

Recruiter’s comment over this sample:

A good resume for professional from banking or finance industry. Since 2008’s recession, there were lots of layoffs. The people are now fighting for the workplaces available in the US Financing industry. Wall Street is also full of unemployed people. Good accountant resume is your vacancy win. Our resume writing professionals can help you with it any moment.

Employers that may be interested:

  1. Check out the positions at Cornell with good resume that you may have
  2. Lincoln Park Preservation Alliance positions available in Fall 2010, references are a must
  3. Any of BIG4 companies usually hiring CPAs and consultants, needless to say how many candidates they process. So pay attention to your resume

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