Written by Maryna Mazurenko

shrek sample resume

Actor of the Film Studio
“Fiona International”

shrek_the_kid@shek.com 8000-donkey-thing-000

ObjectiveTo get a leading role in the 5th Shrek 🙂.


2001-Present                                      Dream Works Studio Actor


  • Stared as a leading actor in the 4 seasons of Shrek;
  • Was imitating the voice of Mike Meyers throughout the movie;
  • Took the stunt man classes.


Personal Traits

  • Acting and charming skills 🙂
  • Able to dwell in the unpretentious conditions during the filming including swamps and the like 🙂
  • Able to memorize large texts
  • Speak donkey and many fairy creatures language
  • Brave, courageous
  • Caring
  • Romantic
  • Handsome
  • Truly honest
  • Like privacy
  • Friendly and … with charisma 🙂
  • AND popular :), extremely popular!

Weak pointsuncontrolled belching after eating too much (sorry)


  • reading tales in umm…private atmosphere 🙂
  • taking mud bathes
  • producing candles
  • travelling, adventures, rescuing operations

Can’t stand singing and to-do lists

Life’s messagePeople judge me before they even know me!

The celebrity resumes on this site are not real. Ones are made up to show how they could look like. The resumes provided have nothing common with real life of celebrities.