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Celebrity Resume – Cinderella

Written by Maryna Mazurenko

cinderella resume sample
Cinderella [email protected]
If you do the job well, you might meet a prince today.



To receive the position of a housekeeper in a loving family and friendly environment where my dedication and talents could be of great assistance.


  • Experienced in fulfilling hard house tasks, among which; sweeping the floor, doing dishes, rushing upstairs and downstairs, planting garden, doing laundries;
  • Years of dedication and thorough deliverance;
  • Experience working in extremely stressful and negative environment;
  • Impressing presentation skills.

Personal characteristics

  • Energetic
  • Polite
  • Able to work in a stressful environment
  • Non-conflict
  • On time delivery
  • Positive thinker and doer


12 do and 12 don’ts at the ball. How to get back on time.

Training was provided by Fairy Godmother.


  • Singing lyric songs while doing the house work;
  • Talking with animals;
  • Helping others.

Life’s motto

The work before – the ball after.


May be provided from the friendly neighbors upon request

The celebrity resumes on this site are not real. Ones are made up to show how they could look like. The resumes provided have nothing common with real life of celebrities.

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