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Accounting Position Resume Sample

Weak Points:

  • There is a limited amount of work experience included that is relevant to the field of accounting.
  • The formatting can be greatly improved – the information looks scattered across the page and the readability is poor.
  • The font sizes and font itself in an accounting position resume need to be corrected (Eg. too much use of bold lettering)
  • If possible, we can work with the individual to add more relevant information and ensure it is included.

Strong Points:

  • Above average academic achievements.
  • Job promotions from previous jobs indicate exemplary performance.
  • Nearly all important information relevant to work in the Finance sector is included. That being said one needs accounting resume writing services whenever he decides to change the job to increase the chances of successful employment.


  • Re-word the objective ex. To secure a position ….
  • Use bullet form to describe the job descriptions in the Work Experience section
  • Indicate dates of employment (Eg. not sure if the candidate is currently employed.)
  • Align the text so that it looks clean, polished and professional
  • Include knowledge and skills using accounting software like QuickBooks to increase the chance of getting hired.

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