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Account Executive Resume Sample

This resume is incomplete.  The applicant did not provide the address, contact number or an email address. These are vital pieces of information that must be included in preparing a resume. Without providing contact information, there is no way for the recruiter to get in touch with the applicant.

The objective statement should be improved. I am not really sure why there is statement that says “see below” and what is quoted below is like an instruction. You should imply this neither in resumes like this nor in social science resumes in order to avoid creating a vogue picture about yourself. I am now thinking that this resume was taken from a website and the applicant forgot to do some editing.

It is very important to review all the entries in the resume to make sure that the information is complete and accurate.

The applicant indeed has a good track record in sales and so it is not going to be difficult to market him/herself to a company looking for a sales representative.

The resume definitely needs to be improved before it is sent out.

Employers that may be interested:

  • Manufacturing companies
  • Pharmaceutical companies
  • Banking institutions

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