As a research assistant, you will have to work on a variety of fields such as corporate, medical, and academic to name some. There are also specifics depending on the company you’re applying at. They may have various qualifications and skill sets to look for a deserving candidate. In your research assistant resume, you will generally have various duties and responsibilities to accomplish. There are some that also perform functions in technical or clerical jobs and that may depend on the company as mentioned earlier. If you’re looking to create a winning research assistant resume, then you can check out this post to learn how the Resume Writing Service writes it.

Steps to write your research assistant resume

  1. Write your personal details that include your name, email, and phone number so the employer can easily see how to contact you for an interview.
  2. Write your career objective says the resume writing service. This will tell the employer directly about your career and personal goals which may help their company succeed.
  3. Write your educational attainment and achievements. Mention the name of the schools where you studied including the dates you are in the institution. Never forget to mention your course or program.
  4. Write your strengths and weaknesses say the resume writing services. Although there are applicants that don’t want to mention of their weaknesses, it would still be helpful to mention about those to make the employer feel your courage to write about them. What is important is you also mention how you overcome or manage those weaknesses.
  5. Never forget to mention your capabilities and skills. You can mention that you’re adept in computer applications and you have good skills in problem-solving. This will show the employer how you handle stress and pressure on the job.
  6. Resume writers say that you can also make a portfolio of your previous projects.
  7. You can also write your interests and activities such as affiliated organizations or associations.

These are quick tips that you need to know when writing a production assistant resume. If you wish to become part of a company specializing in movie, TV, or video production, you have to make a winning resume that will help you get noticed by the employer.

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