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career objective statement examples

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Most people will admit to disliking having to write a resume career objective statement. It’s one of those things that just get in the way of securing the job of our dreams. It’s a pain, it’s time-consuming, and it’s thoroughly unpleasant. Few will tell you that you have to include one in your resume, whilst many will tell you that you don’t need the statement of career goals at all.

All this conflicting information can leave you in two minds as to whether you should write one or not. Our advice is that if you really are unsure, you should write one. Because a killer objective statement at the top of your resume makes your CV a whole lot stronger than if it had no objective at all.

Your objective is your first line of defense; it’s the first chance you have to impress a hiring manager and show them what you’ve got. If written well, you could hook them, convincing them to read on. Indeed, they’ll actually be excited to read more about you! Already this puts you ahead of your competitors who have chosen to neglect the statement of objective in favor of outlining their education at the top of their resume.

Show How You Will Benefit the Company

A company needs to know how you will benefit them. If you believe you’re armed with the skills they’re looking for, you should include them in your objective – along with how they will improve the organization. A hiring manager is looking to be impressed by someone who is going to come along and boost the company’s productivity, and by demonstrating this in your statement that comes at the top of your resume, you’re getting off on the right foot straight away.

statement of career goals

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Really Helpful Career Objective Statement Examples


Career Objective Statement Examples

Proficient administrator looking to utilise extensive expertise in personal management, and employee relations in a base-level HR position. Self-motivated, dedicated and looking to improve a company’s human resources division. 

Looking to obtain a challenging position as a sales advisor, where I will learn and thrive in the sales sector. I am a committed innovator, and am looking to help push the company forward.

To grow in a reputable organisation wherein my skills as a project manager, coupled with my 10 years of experience in the management sector, will help to enhance and boost the goals of the company. I am looking to showcase my potential and use it to the benefit of the organisation.

To allow my creative potential to flourish and embark on new horizons in the field of copy writing. To implement my 10 years of experience as a successful freelance, and to perform in an arena that will suit me and benefit those around me.

There are many and more online sample career objective statement’s for you to take a look at. If you feel as though yours could still do with a bit of work, you could a lot worse than take a look at some more.

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