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Experts disagree regularly regarding the value of a personal resume website. Many experts think that a personal resume website is a liability, but others think that it is a major professional asset. The problem for those trying to make up their minds whether to create a personal resume website is that the problems are far more complex than that.

personal resume website



Personal Resume Website Basic Options and Choices

An online personal websites resume is essentially a more developed and more detailed resume. Although an online resume may actually be no more than your basic resume, possibly with a few pictures or other information, an online resume can be far more complex.

Generally speaking, a good online c level resume  is a very well laid out functional resume, providing plenty of information for prospective employers and professional associates. This is a do-everything resume approach, somewhat better than a purely generic resume because it has more information.

Considerations for Personal Resume Website Information Content and Quality

The bottom line for any personal website resume is information quality. The information you provide on your resume has to be good, look good, present well, and be worth reading. If you’re going to have a personal resume website, you need to set a high standard for yourself.

A standard commercial website template will usually be quite adequate. You can get free templates of this type, but make sure that the template can deliver all the information, including graphics, images, et cetera, that you need.

A further consideration is that your website must be easy to update and edit as required. The fact is that your resume will change considerably over time. You may also find that changing career goals will require you to completely rework and revise your website.


Personal Resume Website Pros and Cons – Pros

The arguments in favor of a personal resume website are many, and quite persuasive. Many experts feel that a personal resume website is an excellent idea, and a natural evolution in the modern job market.

These are the main points in favor of a personal resume website:

Personal resume websites are easy to manage. This is undeniably true, and if you have any experience whatsoever of managing your own website, a personal resume website is extremely easy to operate.

Hardcopy resumes are things of the past, nobody uses them anymore, and a personal resume website is basically an extension of an online resume. This is also a fact of life, and arguably a personal resume website is more secure than a personal resume on a third-party website.

Having a personal resume website is a useful asset for independent professionals. Quite true; and the fact is that many people do make direct enquiries for services and contract through personal websites of the stop.

Creating a personal resume website as a point of contact for business is a good business asset. The personal resume website definitely does deliver some additional value as a point of contact for networking purposes and other options.

It’s easy to use your personal resume website to advertise your services and otherwise enhance your online presence. Your personal resume website, particularly if search engine optimized, can be very useful, especially in a local market.

personal resume website


Personal Resume Website Pros and Cons – Cons

The other side of this argument is equally persuasive, although rather negative in many respects. Not everybody is convinced of the value of a personal resume website, as follows:

Personal resume websites may not be appropriate for some types of work or employment. This is perfectly true. For many types of employment, personal resume websites are neither necessary nor particularly useful. Strictly speaking, personal resume websites are for professionals and independent business people.

Personal resume websites may not live up to expectations. It is true that expectations may be unduly raised by a personal resume website. Most of the time these unrealistic expectations are based on an inflated perception of the value of the website combined with a total lack of understanding of how to market the website. A personal resume website should be used just like any working website, complete with the right SEO and an appropriate range of hyperlinks.

Some people are not very good at maintaining their personal resume websites. This is undeniably one of the major problems with these websites. An obsolete personal resume website is no use whatsoever. It may, in fact, be confusing for some employers, if they decide to search you online. The absolute minimum requirement for any personal resume website is that your website is up to date, of high quality, current, and accurate.

personal websites resume

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As a matter of fact, both the pro and con arguments are right. The real issue for those who choose to create a personal resume website is to use the website effectively. If the website is mismanaged, or the user doesn’t know how to market the website, the website cannot be effective.

There are a few very straightforward ways of making a personal resume website work very effectively:

  • When posting other materials online, be sure to include a link to your website. This is better for SEO, and it’s also a good way of increasing your market reach for your website.
  • Use social media like Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, and other sites to spread links to your personal resume website and to keep your audience informed. (This also has the effect of managing currency of information, as referred to above.)
  • If you have a professional blog, or other online presence, integrate a permanent link to your personal resume website on these sites. This is a simple SEO/ SEM methodology, and will improve your search rankings.
  • Keep your personal resume website updated at all times. Do not allow the website information to go stale, or make the classic mistake of having your last entry on the website dated five years ago.

The bottom line – A personal resume website can work very effectively, provided it is properly managed. For professionals, this type of website is a major asset, providing a level of convenience for business associates and network purposes. It also provides a good, discrete way of organizing business communications as required. If you need to know how to make a professional portfolio check the web page now.

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