What Is a CV?

A CV or Curriculum Vitae is not a just a simple resume with a different name! If you are planning on applying to a job at a higher educational institution or in a medical sphere, get ready to include a lot of details! A professional CV requires a much more involved approach and the inclusion of even more detailed information about your work history, education, publications, skills and other achievements.

A CV is a document that will outline the better part of your life to your potential employers – it reflects your strengths, achievements and potential future contributions!

A CV is your personal brand – a calling card – a business card – it is you! Every word in the document has to describe you exactly as you wish to be perceived and it has to be both comprehensive and concise at the same time.

Many individuals are under the impression that a good CV has to include as many details as possible. However, a CV can only be a maximum of 2 pages in length, just like a resume. The trick is to balance detail and conciseness together to produce a document which usually highlights your main academic pursuits.

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