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Phone Interview Prep with Our Coach

Not all interviews are face to face, many times you may be asked to provide an interview over the phone or even through online mediums such as Skype. This is especially true when there are long distances involved such as applying for a position in another country or in a different state. In these cases initial interviews are often conducted on the phone to prevent the inconvenience and expense of having to travel a long distance. Phone interview prep is just as necessary as face to face interview preparation; if not more so as few people have experienced phone interviews.

Why are telephone interviews difficult?

  • Often poor lines and difficult to understand the interviewer (especially if country to country)
  • No feedback regarding the answers you are giving from body language
  • Difficult to continue talking if no affirmation on the call

How can we provide you with phone interview prep?

Phone interview preparation is in many ways similar to any other interview preparation. However it is far more important as to what you say and how you say it as the person doing the interview will not be able to observe your body language nor you theirs. With a face to face interview you can usually see if the answer you are providing is what the interviewer was expecting, using a phone you are often completely in the dark as to how successful your answers are.

Our coach will contact you as soon as you sign up for our service. They will run through with you one on one exactly how they can help you and will develop a tailored training program specifically to help you with phone interview preparation. Your telephone interview preparation will then be delivered over the phone ensuring that you get as much practice as possible with answering telephone interview questions. Our phone interview advice will prepare you for any form of question that you may encounter and provide you with the necessary self confidence to answer those questions.

Our Telephone interview prep coaches

We pride ourselves in having many clients land the jobs they have targeted after our consulting interview prep. We aim to provide the best help possible and that means providing you with the very best coaches. Each of our coaches is a certified career coach as well as being a holder of a graduate degree; this means that you will be working with a true expert in consulting interview prep. In addition to this we carefully select each coach for you to ensure that they have qualifications and experience relevant to the specific field that your job is in.

Why select us for phone interview prep?

With so many other websites offering telephone interview preparation you may be asking yourself why you should choose our service; firstly you have to consider our staff, we hire the very best while many other online services will provide you with the cheapest freelancer they can find who will work from a prepared course rather than tailoring your course specifically around your needs.

In addition to the best staff, our work is also guaranteed; if you feel we are not providing you what you need we will either refund your money or work with you to change our approach at no additional charge to you. You have nothing to lose when using us for phone interview prep so get in touch today to work with the best.

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