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What is Unique about a Personal Trainer Resume?

Unlike virtually every other type of assistant, a personal trainer resume needs to be convincing that it can do something for your boss that the boss cannot do him or herself. Other personal assistants do things that the boss is too busy to do, like get coffee or order lunch. A resume for personal trainer candidates needs to firmly and successfully convince the person hiring you that you can train them and make them physically fit in a way that they cannot do for themselves even if they wanted to. This may be a tall order for some. A resume for a personal trainer should be sure that it says loud and clear that the man or woman who wrote it knows things that boss will never know.

Building a Resume for Personal Trainer Candidates

Now that you know the goal of a personal trainer resume, how do you build one? Personal trainers resume candidates should have a certain degree of standardized knowledge that they can then point to in order to demonstrate that they are sufficiently qualified. A certified personal trainer resume, for example, will have a much better chance at seeing the light of an interview room than a personal trainer resume that features no such certification. Make sure that you put all your strengths forward that you can when you are compiling your resume for personal trainer candidacy.

The Strengths of a Resume for a Personal Trainer

A certified personal trainer resume – or any kind of personal fitness trainer resume generally – needs to follow the aforementioned criteria if it wants the best chance at being successful when it hits the desk of an individual who is hiring. It is not enough to simply have a nice body and say, “I’m a trainer.” Your personal trainer resume needs to back up everything you say with good references and accomplishments that demonstrate you are who you say you are.

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