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Student days are days of our first steps in our career development. I guess everybody, reading this article, remember their first jobs. Somebody had part-time jobs like being a waiter, driver,  postman and etc. And somebody started their career from carrying folders in some big company and ended with sitting in a boss’ chair of the same company. There are a lot of variants.

Nowadays students are very ambitious people. They want everything and at once. From one hand it’s good. It makes to be more purposeful and confident. But from the other hand person can’t have everything if he/she doesn’t have enough experience for it. So what’s the solution for students who are just starting to make their first steps?

I’m not saying that everybody has to rush out to all the snack bars and serve people there. First of all, you have to be in a an area of your interests. Even if don’t get your desirable post, just be in this area. If you want to be for example a TV anchorman, work at some TV channel. Even if you have to sit all day long on the reception. If you want to work at some huge successful company as a big boss, go there to be even a messenger. Just be patient. And be where you want to be! Always remember it. That’s the main point.

And of course don’t forget to show your skills to people who surround you. Everytime when you have a chance to help or to do something useful, do it. Make others to notice you. And believe me, the result will be seen. Besides, you will observe all these people who you want to take over. You will see conditions in which they work, you will see features that they have holding such a post, you will see functions they execute. It’s a very interesting and instructive experience, which every good employer should have.

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