Make or break your job application via reference contactsWhy reference contacts are important? Employers always check references before making a hiring decision. Resume never gives enough information about the candidate’s work performance and personal characteristics that might affect (positively or negatively) the applicant’s suitability for the position.

Therefore, references are not just about verifying simple factual information, but also a way to get more complete image of the future employee. Keeping that in mind might help you in professional resume writing – provide relevant information to eliminate any questions which may possibly arise from the review of your resume by potential employer.

How to shape references to get the wanted job? First of all, these people should be familiar with your work experience and be able to answer specific questions about your job performance, diligence, work ethics, etc. Informing your references of the position you are applying for and giving them a chance to tailor their comments a little bit might be useful too.

Secondly, remember to update contact information for resume references every time before sending a resume to the potential employer. But don’t forget to get permission from each reference before listing them!

And finally, thank your references, it is important to show you appreciate their help. Even if you don’t get the job this time, their recommendation can make your job application in future.

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