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Why do you need to know about keywords for resume writing

Not only do you have to satisfy the recruiter with what you have written in your resume, more often than not you will also have to satisfy a piece of software known as an Applicant Tracking System. This piece of software allows the recruiter to search thousands of resumes to find those that are most relevant to the place that they are trying to fill. It does this in much the same way that a search engine like Google finds a webpage. The recruiter enters the keywords into the software; the specific job tile, skills, qualifications etc. that they are looking for. The software will then search through all of the resumes to find those that best match what they have asked for. So if your resume has all of the right keywords resume in the right places then you have a good chance of getting your resume seen. However if you don’t have the right keywords your resume will be overlooked.
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Where to find a list of keywords for resumes

When the software works through a resume scanning keywords you want to make sure that you have all of the right words there on your page. However finding all of the words that you should include is not always a simple task. There is no simple list of keywords resume. If you want to know what keywords you need to include within your resume then you are going to need to do a little work to find those keywords. Resume writing keywords can be found by:

  • The best place to start is by looking at what the recruiters themselves are asking for. Take the job advert that you are applying to and several others that are for a similar position in the same industry. If you put them together into one document and then put the resulting file into a website such as TagCloud or Wordle they will identify the main keywords by importance within those documents.
  • Using the Google Keyword Tool is also another good place to find keywords that are related to the ones that you can easily identify such as your job title. Just sign into the tool with a free account and enter the keywords that you can identify easily and it will suggest many more related keywords that may be relevant.
  • Look at other peoples resumes and profiles on sites such as LinkedIn. By reviewing what other people are choosing as keywords to use in a CV in your field you can identify more that you should be using within your resume.

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