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Tips on performing well in Administrative Assistant Interview Questions

For any job interview, your overall performance must be brilliant depicting your professionalism and skills at their best. You must give the employer a good enough reason to hire you for the job. Many learned individuals are often not capable of giving satisfactory answers to administrative assistant interview questions, and therefore miss the golden opportunities of being hired at big companies. This following job interview tips will tell you different ways of performing well in interview questions for administrative assistant, increasing your overall chances of employment.

  • Be Professional- It is the chief responsibility of an administrative assistant to communicate. An admin assistant must be eloquent in his speech and his writing. You must arrive on time, maintain a straight posture, turn off your cell phone and be well-groomed, with a pleasant smile on your face. Pay your attention on what is being said and respond with liveliness and zeal, brightening up the entire atmosphere. Develop eye contact with the interviewer and be responsive to the questions being asked. Your answers and your overall personality should depict your honesty, interest level, and ability to think quickly under pressure. Send an electronic thank you note to all interviewers within next 24 hours.
  • Dress Professionally- Some companies, other than relying on receptionists, have administrative assistants to answer phone call and greet clients. The administrative assistant is therefore going to be the first representative of the company, and so, s/he must dress appropriately, following a highly professional dress code.
  • Recognize your worth- According to BLS, the median annual wage of secretaries and administrative assistants in May 2010 was estimated to be $34,660. You can consult a website such as Payscale to get an idea about the salaries of administrative assistants in your city. The pay scales can vary greatly, depending on the industry, location and admin duties. Other ways you can count on for getting fresh salary information are connecting with other job seekers, attending professional meetings and contacting local recruiters to inquire about current rate.
  • Express your computer skills- To handle the administrative work, it’s really crucial for you to possess extensive knowledge of computer software’s. While answering administrative assistant interview questions, you should talk about the applications of computer in that particular field your job is based in, and provide details about your proficiency with handling computer-based tasks.
  • Be prepared and organized- Dig out all the essential information about the organization, prior to your interview. Check out their website for latest updates and on-going projects and details about collaborating partners. Ask questions based on the information you collected, leaving a persuasive impact on the interviewer. Moreover, present yourself as an efficient organizer by carry extra copies of your resume, a notepad to jot down necessary details and some examples of successfully accomplished administrative assistant projects.