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How to write an executive resume and other questions

How to Write an Executive Resume and other questions

This is our page on how to write an executive resume and other questions. Our online professionals have all the answers to your questions on executive resume writing. Don’t get confused on what to do about your executive resume; here we will provide you with all the questions you need to know about executive resume writing.

  • Should my executive resume contain an objective?

Depending on the hiring manager’s specification, you can or you can just omit it. Most recruiters feel that it is very junior for an executive resume samples to have an objective, as it restricts the potential positions for which they can submit your credentials to. That is the main reason why most recruiters prefer it should be left out in order to give you a wider preference to choose from.

  • Should I include a degree I have not started on in my executive resume?

Anything you think can add weight to what you are applying for should be included. Make sure that anything that you place in your resume is nothing but the truth. Include the expect start and end date and also which institution you have applied for. This will show that you are actively seeking to advance your career and can be a bonus to securing that job you are yearning for.

  • Should an executive resume include a photo of the applicant?

It is not advisable unless it is in professionals where personal appearance is important to the job like in modeling and acting. A photo on the executive resume samples can create mixed reaction; one, if the hiring manager is carried away by it, you might win an interview invite; if the hiring manager is carried personal prejudice like seeing you as too old or too thin or too fat, you might just end up missing an invite; too muscular, the hiring manager might see you as a threat to the company (security risk). It is better to leave your professionalism to speak for you instead of placing a photo because you never know how the hiring manager will take it.


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